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Governance, Performance and Audit Committee

This page lists the meetings for Governance, Performance and Audit Committee.

Meetings are also webcast here.

Information about Governance, Performance and Audit Committee

Agendas, minutes and reports for meetings prior to June 2012 are available in the meetings archive.

Orders of Reference

1.      For service delivery functions, to develop, agree and review general performance management policies, targets and indicators for the Authority.

2.        On behalf of the Authority, to agree the planned internal audit activities for the year and to undertake an annual review of internal audit activity, and to review summary internal audit reports and seek assurance that action has been taken where necessary.

3.       On behalf of the Authority and as necessary (where the Authority itself is not to determine this matter), to approve the Authority’s annual accounts and to determine all associated matters.

4.        To review and monitor the effectiveness of the Authority's policies on fraud, irregularity and corruption.

5.        To consider the external auditors audit and inspection plan and their Annual Governance report, and the main issues arising and the Authority’s response to those issues.

6.       To monitor the Authority's risk management system, framework and its control environment to ensure that it is fit for purpose, noting that management and implementation of specific risk controls remain with the relevant committee and/or the Authority.

7.        To monitor the framework for business continuity and disaster recovery arrangements to ensure they are fit for purpose.

8.        To oversee and agree the Authority’s policies on transparency issues and to receive at 6 monthly intervals reports on gifts and hospitality received by Members notified to the Authority and itemised expenses incurred by Members and paid for by the Authority, and reports on equivalent notifications, and expenses incurred, by the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Directors and Heads of Service, and to oversee arrangements for the publication on the Authority’s website of all notifications of gifts, hospitality and expenses made by Members.

9.        To grant dispensations to Members of the Authority (under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011) permitting, in certain circumstances, participation in discussion of, and voting on, matters in which a disclosable pecuniary interest is held.