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Resources Committee

This page lists the meetings for Resources Committee.

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Information about Resources Committee

The Resources Committee meets to take responsibility for budgets, staffing and assets. 


Agendas, minutes and reports for meetings prior to June 2012 are available in the meetings archive.


Orders of  Reference

In accordance with approved policies –

1.             To consider and, as appropriate, advise the Authority on matters relating to its capital and revenue budgets and budget development, including decisions on proposals to draw from earmarked or general reserves.


2.             Regularly to monitor the Authority’s budget and expenditure and treasury management activities.


3.             To make decisions on capital and revenue building, property and energy schemes that are (a) outside of officers’ delegated authority limits and (b) within the provisions of Standing Order 102(2).


4.             To make any other decision in relation to expenditure on capital or revenue account, including approval to virements and the letting of contracts, provided that the expenditure does not cause the Authority’s approved budget to be exceeded.


5.             To consider and approve requests for shareholder approval from the LFEPA Trading Company where the value of a contract to be entered into or any expenditure to be incurred by the company exceeds the limit permissible under the Director of Finance and Contractual Services’ delegated authority, and to consider an annual report from the shareholder representative (the Director of Finance and Contractual Services) on the company’s financial performance.


6.             To submit views to Government or other bodies, on behalf of the Authority, on matters relating to finance, procurement, property and personnel matters, providing those views are in accordance with existing Authority policies.


7.             Regularly to monitor the Authority’s contracts and procurement policies and to review contract performance reports as determined by the Committee.


8.             To develop the Authority’s Human Resources Strategy and its implementation and to agree and review the performance of general personnel, equalities, sustainable development and health and safety policies.


9.             To be responsible for all matters relating to the career development and succession planning in respect of all posts to which recruitment is decided on by the Appointments and Urgency Committee.